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Lesson 5 – Adding More than Two Numbers

To encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning about Adding More than Two Numbers, here are some games and interactive activities they can do on their own or in pairs.



Compare number expressions.

Combine more than 2 parts to make a whole.


Instructions for Use

Rock Hopper prompts students to add more than 2 numbers.

To use Rock Hopper, click on a rock to make the frog jump there. The frog can jump on any rock that is next to it. When the frog lands on the rock, the total number changes. The frog must be on the last row of rocks to jump to the large rock. The frog can jump to the large rock only if the total is the number on the large rock.


Adding Three Numbers lets students add more than 2 numbers.

To use Adding Three Numbers, click on the UFO with the math problem and match it to the correct answer on the left. Click the "Next" button for more questions.